Got Dynamite

JUMPING! with Jasmin at the park.


Between Angels and Insects

Chinese lantern festival and Shopping with Jasmin.
I wore my new Forever 21 skirt(wayyyy short) and Military style cardi, snakeskin flats from Rubi shoes and Supre singlet top!!


They arrived!!

there here... and there the weridest thing possible.
I should really figure out americain clothing sizes before i order!!!



I'm changing around my room and closet and thought i should share some photos.xD


Come back as a Blonde

Personally i think this one looksd really werid especially with the elastic waist.


Depressing much??

tights and knee highs from farmers, socks from this random asian shop,shoes forever21, taz shirt stolen from my bro.


My 'collage' wall, its one of my favorite parts of my room just cards,photos and letters i collected while I was at school, its kinda like my inspiration wall.xD



Hey guys this is number 1 of 5 jumpsuits that i got made at the tailors a few weeks ago,it feels kinda Hippy\flowerchildy-ish, hope you like it...
(cowboy boots,wild pair, LeSpecs Sunglasses,Elephant necklace from Diva,canvas flats from the warehouse)
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Todays Outfit

Whichery tank, Ted Baker skirt,warehouse canvas shoes,Equip necklace.
(sorry bout the trippy lighting trying out new camera options)

Post from the past...

yesterdays outfit!
'body of a god tee' from http://www.snorgtees.com/ , supre bow belt, Dotti ruffle skirt, brogues from Myers,aviators from parachute music festival.

lack of supplies

Damn you New Zealand!! why cant you have Topshop or Forever 21 or Zara or something other than Supre, it's so annoying having to order everything in cause it takes ages and you never know what the fitting is really like until you get them and have to take them in half a meter ;)


Guess what i just ordered!!

I ordered again from Forever21 and i'm sooooooooo excited!!