Fun Fun Fun :P

heyyyyyy everyone!!! so my updates have been lame:(
I'm at uni now so life=stressful, well kinda haha its only my second week :PP
anyway so today I was  running late so my mum fully just left me on the side of the road because she was gona be late for work if she dropped me off :L haha so I went to the beach with Jasmin  :DD
(dress from supre, jacket from whitchery, shoes converse)


You can spend minutes, hours,days,

even months over-analyzing a situation;

trying to put the pieces together, justifying 

what could've, should've, would've, 

happened.  Or you can just

leave the pieces on the floor and move the 

fuck on...


This is where I work :PP

Soooooo I thought I'd share where I work....
So there you go thats about it :PP  theres my boss ^.^ she hates photos but I sneaked one.
It's not actually that bright in NZ nor am I that tan its just my photo editing skills haha!!!!!
and I was PURPOSELY going cross-eyed in-case anyone's confused!!!!!!!  ;)


Bye Bye Jasmin :((

Jasmin's leaving to Aussie :(

oooww missing you already, see you in 8 days haha :P

We went to one of the six trillion parks that surround where we live, it was great fun :PP