Today Topshop opened at 'The Department Store'!!!
YAY!!!!Jasmin and I got to Takapuna at 7.50am yes AM on a Saturday morning now thats commitment, but of course we were the only ones there  so we went to Starbucks and 30 minutes later theres 7 people lined outside the door then out came 2 news cameras and numerous photographers scary!!!
I have to admit it was a kind of lame collection obviously partially because of that silly volcano, but the area was soooo small especially with about 50 or 60 people all crammed up!

we got stopped 3 times by people asking where to find Topshop :S

aren't they cute bags!
this is what i bought....


It Only Points So Deep

Post number 2 today I thought the first one was lame and boring .
Stupid jump break! How do you get rid of those things?

ow ow guess what!!
I found some rocks!
(Jacket By Abercrombie and Fitch, Skirt from Valley Girl)


Eating some spicy Mi Goreng noodles right now haha yummy!
TOPSHOP in 2 days OMG excited!

Supre dress I've completely moved out of place worn with $10 CottonOn tights and Forever21 shoes!


Shooting Stars

Went to New market with Jasmin today and feel proud I didn't spend ANY $$ at all go me!
I'm saving for Topshop next week so excited :D
Don't you just love our hair braids!
(Blazer old from Lippy(got it when I was 12), top and pants from Supre, shoes from this Asian boutique,owl necklace from Equip)


Paper Planes

Soooo yesterday was my birthday && guess what... I"M SEVENTEEN!!!!
It feel so scary it like I can physically feel my youthfulness slipping away from me :S is that weird?
I can just imagine everyone reading this saying 'honey you got alotta years ahead of you enjoy it while it lasts,because it doesn't' Am I right??

Heres a few lame unedited photos from last night...

Yea we wern't really that onto it haha!


Getting Away With Murder

Hi guys! thanks so much for your comments they actually do make my day, I check  my blog every hour just ta see all the amazing comments!

This post is just new stuff I was supposed to post like 3 weeks ago haha but I'm lame and forgot.
so heres more of the tutu that I bought with Olivia for just $15 yay!

(Supre top,supermarket tights(haha))
Oh and My all time favourite new boots...

I love wellies so much its insane except none of my friends share the same enthusiasm as I :( haha!



So I still have about 2 weeks worth of posts backed which is kinda stressful trying to post them in the order of events.
Yesterday my mum bought one of those silly mini sony viao laptops you know the ones that are like half the size of regular ones and its so frustrating like its so tiny and weighs less than my poodle.

I'm thinking of maybe changing my blog style a bit...
Instead of posting lots of small photos side by side I'll just post big detailed ones, I don't know yet I'm still deciding.

Anyway so about a week ago I was at home all alone and decided to make a tutu so after about 2 hours of googling I found the simplest and most cost effective way  to do it, it's called the 'No Sew' tutu and its actually rather simple if anyone would like a step by step guide with pictures of how I made it just comment below or email me and I'll be happy to do that next post!

Heres my TuTu...

My bros friend Tessa came over and just had to try it on, heres how she'd wear it....


Guess what i just ordered!!

Jeffrey Campbell 'Pixie' boots!!!
Yea I know they were last season pretty much but we are only just coming in to Autumn now In NZ.
But the transfer rates a bitch :(
But I am still SOOOOOO excited!!



Talk Is Cheap

On Tuesday I meet up with my aunty ( yes I said Aunty,weird family I might explain it one day) Brittney in town, haven't seen her since Christmas.
Check out her hats...
Aren't they cute! In the end she didn't purchase either of these, instead she got a bowler looking hat!!!
Anyway heres my outfit...

Heres a close up of my legging...

Aren't they fully scary looking like actual snake skin.
(Dress from Forever21,Leggings from CottonOn)


Yummy Coco Pops

it's 6.40pm and I'm eating Coco Pops go me hahaha

Anyway heres my hareem pants I told you about like 2 posts ago, there supposed ta be pyjamas but I of corse wore them to the tennis club hahah!

I allways forget that I'm actually taking photos for a blog and end out like not featuring the clothes in the photos it's more just pictures that look pretty!

I got the latest Cleo in town that day(see me pointing at the Topshop items hahah) just because it said that you could win a shopping spree at Topshop ahhh!

And of corse I gotta slip a jumping photo in there ;)
(Pants from CottonOn Body, Top from Supre, Shoes from Ruby Shoes, Sunnies from Wild Pair)



Well I thought I'd start out by saying it was loads colder when we left in the morning but around about 4.30 mother nature decided she straight out hated me and bumped up the temperature like 8 bloody degrees far out! what did I ever do to her seriously?
Anyway heres my outfit...

Consisting of my legendary $10 leggings from CottonOn and some equally legendary $10 canvas flats from Ruby Shoes, shirt from Cue, sunnies from Lippy And my red Invisable children bracelet!

heres a close up of the EPIC-ness which is my leggings....

Funny story...My mummy and I went to newmarket this day (well actually Saturday ) and we are such cool cats because we ended out wearing allmost the exact same top and didn't realize until the end of the day haha!