But Its Better If You Do

Photos from yesterday heavily edited hahah.

I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

Yes I am aware that I'm wearing the same jeans as the previous post, I just love them so so so so so much!!
there AMAZING I worn them like 7 times since May 1st when I got them.
Anyway I've got Great and not so great news...
Great news- I GOT A JOB!!!! as an intern hahahaha!! but its at a dressmaker\designers and its amazing I love it so much!
Not so great news- My mummys in hospital :( she got her knees replaced, shes been in since Friday  and I miss her so much come home Mummy!!!!

Anyway heres my lame outfit...

Jasmin and I went to the Marina and stood on some random guys boat :D





(mink pink top, topshop jeans)