Raiding Thy brothers Closet

its January the 2 and of corse the bloody shops don't open for like ever, not that my mother would ever dream of going with me shes such a bore, i want Jasmin to come back i miss her she ditched me for Sydney Lame!!!
Anyway i was going through my brothers closet and found some kind of fascinating items.
p.s the shoes all mine:)

I don't know how well this is gonna turn out...
anyway first off is
-the retro blue Ben Sherman shirt
-Vintage long black leather coat brand not said made in Italy Steve got in from a vintage store in Sydney
-vintage cropped leather jacket by Euro mod?? from a vintage boutique in Auckland
-White 'wanna play doctor' belt from 'Pattys' market in Sydney
-White striped shirt from Hallensteins.
-Heel mine of course got them from wild pair.
-Black and white brogues from Myers got them in 2008 still loving them
-Baggy 'worn' jeans from Jeans West.

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