Yummy Coco Pops

it's 6.40pm and I'm eating Coco Pops go me hahaha

Anyway heres my hareem pants I told you about like 2 posts ago, there supposed ta be pyjamas but I of corse wore them to the tennis club hahah!

I allways forget that I'm actually taking photos for a blog and end out like not featuring the clothes in the photos it's more just pictures that look pretty!

I got the latest Cleo in town that day(see me pointing at the Topshop items hahah) just because it said that you could win a shopping spree at Topshop ahhh!

And of corse I gotta slip a jumping photo in there ;)
(Pants from CottonOn Body, Top from Supre, Shoes from Ruby Shoes, Sunnies from Wild Pair)


  1. great harem pants! they look great- and comfy!
    coco pops is meant to be eaten at all times of the day...right?


  2. I really like the sun saturated photo!

  3. yay Harem pants!!!!!!!!!!!!! =PP