So I still have about 2 weeks worth of posts backed which is kinda stressful trying to post them in the order of events.
Yesterday my mum bought one of those silly mini sony viao laptops you know the ones that are like half the size of regular ones and its so frustrating like its so tiny and weighs less than my poodle.

I'm thinking of maybe changing my blog style a bit...
Instead of posting lots of small photos side by side I'll just post big detailed ones, I don't know yet I'm still deciding.

Anyway so about a week ago I was at home all alone and decided to make a tutu so after about 2 hours of googling I found the simplest and most cost effective way  to do it, it's called the 'No Sew' tutu and its actually rather simple if anyone would like a step by step guide with pictures of how I made it just comment below or email me and I'll be happy to do that next post!

Heres my TuTu...

My bros friend Tessa came over and just had to try it on, heres how she'd wear it....


  1. looks fun, looks best with that gold trimmed jacket- it adds to the princess vibe


  2. AHH looks like so much fun!
    loving your blog, keep it going
    and thanks for sharing, so wonderful!


  3. Lovely! I love tutus they are just fabulous x

  4. How cool! You both look lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog! My mom also has a sony viao haha!


  5. Very cool. Did you just tie bunches around elastic? I love that it's all different shades of pink!